About Holly Parsons

An English major, with minors in creative writing and journalism form a foundation.  A diverse life forms context and a rhythm for reflective narrative informs the natural cadence found in her poetry.

Born in Syracuse, NY with Irish, English & Middle Eastern DNA colored by Ashkenazi Jewish and Catholic cultural ancestry, Parsons embrace of Buddhism, Native American spirituality, African and Asian influences offer ever present themes and perspectives.

Parsons position of sub-editor and feature writer for 5 years for the Fiji Sun began her writing career.  As Editorial Assistant at the University of the South Pacific she edited the quarterly “Journal” and for two years acted as merchandize manager for Desai Bookstores in Fiji, and editor of the inaugural season of Prime Times Magazine. In 2019 Parsons co-published the first issue of Idyllwild Life Magazine, acting as editor for its subsequent 2 issues…the publication succumbed to the economic rigors fraught by Covid in 2020, returns to circulation October 2021.

In the spring of 2010, a week of thoughtful contemplation generated by the ultimate question “what is mine to do?” prompted the writing of 45 poems in 3 ½ days.  These original free form poems, published in “Spring Journey, Footsteps for Love and Life,” formed the foundation for the birth of two subsequent collections under the moniker “Soul of a Woman.”

A lifetime of inspiration and philosophy informs Parsons literary influence delivered in verse.  Blended with honesty, provocative power lies at the core of her interpretive. Perhaps most poignant, Parsons’ poetry presents the feminine impact on social justice and human rights, evoking personal and social transformation.

She reads at concerts, dinners, pubs, soirees, libraries, protests and public events in Dublin IR, Phoenix, AZ., and as a member of Idyllwild’s Evolutionary Poets since 2018, and throughout So Cal. She was featured at the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center for her poem “I AM MIGRATION” written and performed in response to AZ SB1070 legislation restricting immigration rights of Hispanic populations.

Parsons’ poetry graces the pages of numerous corporate and community websites.  Her poetry is published in the Arizona Centennial Anthology 2012 “One Hundred Years, One Hundred Poets, One Hundred Poems”; “The Blue Guitar” Arizona Consortium for the Arts, “Asia Today,” and 2015-2016 Poet Laureate of “peacePlace” [Arts Care.org.] and the AZ Asian American Association.

She acted as a judge for the City of Phoenix Sister Cities International Poetry Contest for Disabled Adults from 2011- 2015 and was honored by Irish President Michael Higgins for delivering her poem “Deirdre O’Connell” honoring the life of the legendary method acting teacher and artistic director at a tribute at the International Film Institute in Dublin, her poem hung at Dublin’s Focus Theatre.  She is the first poet member of the Idyllwild Art Alliance and a supporter of the So Cal initiative Ten Thousand Waves of Woman’s Voices.

Parsons’s latest collections form two volumes, “Soul of A Woman: Labyrinth and In a Sea of Sound are underway in the majestic mountains of Idyllwild, CA. look for an August 2021 release.

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