poetry hewn from a vivid eternal life

"Deeply personal yet hauntingly universal Parsons collections express soulful uncensored musings. Contained within are poetic narratives and transcendent chronicles devoted to social justice issues as viewed through the lens of a multi-cultural woman."
Mitra Kamali, Artist, Activist

Holly Parsons

Excerpts From Selected Poems

I Am Migration


Travel as water

Alive when flowing

Rancid if stagnant

Indigenous birthright

Yo Soy Migrante


Viajando como el agua

Viva cuando fluye

Rancio si se estanca

Indigena de Nacimiento

The Stones of Yarnice

Actually, this story is for all the sensitive children who travel the journey to freedom alone; taking nothing but a pack and leaving nothing behind but the fact that no-one cares enough to make things right. Their eyes project light through lashes like long grass sheds a sigh to the sky and sees everything. The blur of delusion means nothing to these wise prophetic travelers. ...a transcendent tribe of mystical misfits perceive their youthful prison of fear will ultimately crumble like a stale scone falls first to pieces, then to imperceptible crumbs strewn about like integrity in the marketplace. Once the breakfast of champions reveals toxic, its remnants settle into dust even pigeons will not touch.


Creates vestibules of harmony
Rests on pages of purpose
Fly’s through caverns of consciousness
Answers only to truth

The Promise

Who goes there? Who watches with patient sigh the lingering struggle that once was I? An image, a thought, formed of clay cast in lye falling from space in the blink of an eye received by an island of mystics who die.

Excerpts From Selected Poems

Seasick Sarcsm

Riveted by wonder that flakes off the vine
drops into patterns deep in my mind
reminds me of stormy humor combined with
lust for the nature of all that's sublime.

What is my mainstay
for what am I built;
after my mastery departed the slip
sailing blind water at a fervor clip
charging to nowhere ill equipped?

To The Prisoner

To the Prisoner within the rock of wrong.

Did your pilfering ways take you out of the song?

If you murdered a life or created strife your

misery has been enacted.

But the source of your scorn is a legend


whose source has been redacted.


Small woman’s life undone

politician powers priestly prose

repeated history, since God only knows

train those boys, follow the leader

do what you’re told, or live in the cold

go to war, dominate the score

control your market, lies your tool

blind as bats, they learn it in school

honesty to them, the mark of a fool

Words I Remember

purified by rain

play in sustain

Ancient words whirl and unfurl

like sparkle and light off an Argos pearl

calling forth visions of a peaceful world

guide our path as life renews.

The words I remember best

slumber like seasons in a waking dream

waiting for time to open her lair

gift each child their sacred prayer

Waters of Life


an inviting spark

conceived at risk or bliss

to float in the dark waters of life

in her sacred womb to await their dawn

Inspirae – inspire

Nos animare - we animate

Expirare - expiring

Nos discedimus - we depart

Sailing on a buoyant horizon

Singing - - hoping - - praying

for another mother

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