A Humanist Narrative

In response: to Steven Morrison’s The Conscious Politics Sunday Newsletter

“This Is Not a Criticism of a Black Criticism”

I married into this melee - African/Anglo - delivered a child. I married again into this melee - Asian/Anglo - delivered a second child.

To say I’ve been an avid observer, keenly aware of global racism - subterranean corporate and religious systemic abuse of minorities, pervasive stereotyping, dimensions of micro aggression, centuries - perhaps eons of the disempowerment of minorities on this gorgeous planet - would be a vast understatement.

Yes, it’s personal - but I’m white. I fly into and around everything and anything I want, anywhere, anytime I want.  But my children, not so much. They have both suffered. Discrimination in all forms needs to end.

My position re: equanimity in a maladjusted world using superfluous color/class/or culture  to maintain dominance - is unequivocal.

To reject consensus thinking we must collectively equate to a humanist narrative.

It’s not a war.

To describe persons by a color spectrum when we are all various shades of tan is patently retarded.

How can you go to war with a developmentally disabled dominant class. How to re-educate the fundamentally disturbed individual, self righteous and polarized by fear - is a tough one...let’s be real.

The current “wheel of power/privilege” is wanting.  Wreaking of lies...wants a redesign.

It’s a polarizing era. The truth, is abundantly’s preposterous to argue. Yet, idiots are the biggest noisemakers.

We need a new narrative.  A new teachable proof - just as we are, humanity is solvent, right where we are, all, each and every individual. Evolving. Collectively evolving.

Solution: everywhere possible expand consciousness, model humanist awareness, openly, actively stand for truth.  Refuse to define/describe persons by color.


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