Created to honor the film “Women of the White Buffalo” Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Echoes poem

 “Spring Journey is an inspiring and spirit-soaring collection of poems that will heal your soul and accelerate your passion for what it is to be human.”
Jerrie Ueberle   Founder, Global Interactions
and the World Academy for the Future of Women

“Potent, bite-sized poems, represent the purest definition of poetry; the fewest words in the perfect order."
Viko Nikci
Director, Writer

Holly Parsons


   Available August 2021

 “More than mere words... this rare poetry creates an experience that takes one on lifes journey as a metaphor...
Judy Budzine
Founder Cultural Arts Coalition

 “Wonderful, poignant, powerful, tender, everlasting, many become favorite."
Chris Pascal
Entrepreneur, Writer

“ Soul of a Woman is art made visible; this poetry evoked images and feelings that took me deeper into words that then became drops in the pond of my mind and their ripples, my own."
Renee Morgan Brooks
International Motivational Singer, Actor

Sea of Sound

“I love the images that you paint with your words and I am so impressed by your mastery of images and the way you evoke so many deep thoughts and feelings."
Aleksandar Saša Tešanović
Artist Painter

“Holly's passage for transparency is intuitive, perceptive, raw.
Thank you. I emerged a different person."
Raleigh R. Pinskey,
Author, Speaker, Actress

Notre Dame


On a balmy Friday afternoon in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis on November 13, 2015 an explosion described by President Hollande as a terrorist attack, took many lives.  Fear gripped the heart of Parisians and global travelers destined for the city.  Within days, American artists Judy Butzine and Mitra Kamali arrived as planned in Paris in the spirit of solidarity and defiance.  Beginning at Notre Dame they gifted an abundance of locales with 18 ribbon rolled copies of Parsons poem “RUSH.”

“Parsons casts an enduring spell over her audiences with  her abiding free spirit, an authentic play on words unmask the feminine spirit with breathtaking truth...powerful.”

Laura Hungerford, Healer, Musician

"A Universal Women’s Voice”  pervades this prolific verse. Powerful, intimate, insightful, wise, piercing metaphor infuse  her poetry.  Her words cut to the core of  social issues confronting contemporary women with  authentic clarity."

Elena Thornton, Founder AZ Consortium for the Arts

"Holly Parsons doesn't just write from her heart - she writes from the depths of her soul. I love the fact that these poems are written by a woman who has deeply lived her life - deeply loved, experienced, cried and rejoiced. Her poems are easily accessible to the reader. Through Holly's words, we experience the true sweetness and power of life."

Catherine Carrigan Amazon Best Selling Author

Holly P.
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