Soul of a Woman

Soul of a Woman, A Poetic Journey In Life And Love

(out of print)

Parsons first collection of free form verse has been described as a “vast portrayal of universal and contemporary subjects with uncommon cohesion.”  In this collection she deconstructs the mundane, offering a fresh “narrative journey of profound life experience, mystery and connection.” Jennifer Frost, commercial architect.


Soul of a Woman, A Poetic Journey In Life And Love

(available late 2021)

This second collection chronicles life, hopes, dreams, romance, loss, social misgivings, and observations of future possibilities for our world. Internally, her process of collecting and organizing even tiny impressions from life’s archives has been an ongoing practice since childhood and is best summarized as “intuitive intimacy with the muse.”

Sea of Sound

In a Sea of Sound

(available late 2021)

This poetry in this soon to be available collection casts an inspiring eye on a distorted world.  With willful clarity Parsons shred’s conventions mired in fallacy provoking readers to witness their lives through an evolving lens.

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